40 under Forty

With the goal of creating new energy and new leadership across the region, United Way of the Lowcountry is seeking 40 “emerging leaders” under the age of 40 to bring new passion and perspective to both the local United Way and to serving the community.

The group’s first 40-minute power lunch is set for Sept. 7 from noon to 12:40 at Robert Irvine’s Nosh in Bluffton. Orchid Paulmeier, Season 7 Food Network star finalist and local favorite, will be the guest speaker.

“We’re excited about this first ‘power lunch’ and the opportunity to share what we’re all about, what the commitment is, and why it’s important to engage our under-40 leaders in the United Way’s work,” said Courtney Hampson, chair of the Emerging Leaders committee.

“People under age 40 oftentimes are so busy with young families and building careers that they don’t think they have time to give back to their community,” she said. “That’s why we keep our meetings to 40 minutes, we try to limit our emails to 40 words and we’re going to be focused on good work to attain goals, not just to have a longer meeting.”

Though there’s no membership fee or buy-in required, the Emerging Leaders will participate in several United Way of the Lowcountry activities, including the annual fundraising campaign.

“We want to design our own plan of how we can make a difference in Beaufort and Jasper counties through the United Way of the Lowcountry,” Hampson said. “Sometimes that’s through helping with fundraising, sometimes it’s through finding volunteers to help tutor in the elementary schools, and sometimes it’s bringing a fresh viewpoint on how to achieve certain results. We’re here to show that you can be involved, have fun, and do it all without neglecting family or career.”

Information: Cost to attend this lunchion is $16.40 and requires registration by calling Bethany Marcinkowski at 843-384-9773.

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