Paxton’s Story

At just 7 weeks old, baby Paxton was diagnosed with a condition that caused his neck muscles to grow unevenly, forcing him to sleep only on one side of his head. This led to a moderate softening of his head that had the potential to become severe if he could not get a rehabilitative helmet.
“We had never needed assistance before, but for my son’s well-being I was not too proud to ask for help,” says his mom, Kacie.
Despite steady employment, Kacie and her husband were unable to pay the extra cost of the helmet that was not covered by insurance.
Kacie did what others in her situation would have done – she called the United Way of the Lowcountry, who, along with three other partner agencies, pulled together the resources to purchase the helmet.
Today, mere months after Kacie first called the United Way, Paxton’s helmet has brought about the improvements his family hoped it would.
“He crawls now,” says Kacie. “We are still in physical therapy to make sure that as he learns to walk he walks evenly. But we have been able to cut back to once every three weeks because he now has full range of motion in his neck – yay!”

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