United Way Honors Lisa Wilt with 2024 Peter Post Service Star Award

United Way Honors Lisa Wilt with 2024 Peter Post Service Award

The United Way of the Lowcountry is thrilled to announce Lisa Wilt as the 2024 Peter Post Service Star Award recipient. This annual award recognizes exceptional community members who embody selfless service and dedication to helping others.

“Lisa’s contributions to the Good Neighbor Medical Clinic have been nothing short of transformative,” says Dale Douthat, President and CEO of the United Way of the Lowcountry. “Her passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment have revolutionized the organization in a remarkably short time.”

Wilt, leveraging her background in healthcare consulting, significantly streamlined critical tasks at the clinic. This included improving financial systems, overseeing the transition to electronic health records, and even establishing a data management team for efficient data collection.

Her impact extends far beyond operational improvements. Wilt actively serves on the clinic’s board as Vice Chair, Chair of the Personnel and Finance Committee, and interim Treasurer. Notably, she utilizes her IT skills to save the clinic money while also mentoring staff – a testament to her deep commitment to the organization’s success.

“Nominating Lisa for this award was an easy decision,” says Cassi Kilpatrick, Executive Director of the Good Neighbor Medical Clinic. “Her impact has been immeasurable. She not only streamlined our operations but also brought a spirit of collaboration and innovation that has benefited our entire team and ultimately, the patients we serve. Lisa’s dedication is truly inspiring, and we are incredibly fortunate to have her on board.”

A Stellar Tribute: The Peter Post Service Star Award
The Peter Post Service Star Award honors the legacy of Peter Post, a former United Way board member known for his unwavering commitment to community service. As part of the award, Lisa Wilt will receive a unique celestial honor – a star named after her in the Scorpius constellation, corresponding to her birth month. Scorpios, known for their resourcefulness, passion, loyalty, and dedication, perfectly embody the spirit of this award and the exceptional woman receiving it.

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United Way President and CEO Dale Douthat along with Board member Tamara Herring present the 2024 Peter Post Service Star Award to Lisa Wilt, a volunteer with Good Neighbor Medical Clinic.