Community Impact

Last year, 206,673 local people benefited through our community impact-funded programs and direct services.

Through Community Impact, UWLC partners with nonprofit agencies in Beaufort and Jasper counties to focus on common goals and outcomes in the areas of Basic Needs, Education, Health, and Economic Mobility.  Together, we are working to address the root causes that create lasting changes that improve lives and create possibilities.

Awarding grants to local nonprofit organizations through our Community Impact Fund is just one strategy United Way uses to tackle these important community issues.  This strategy encourages innovation, sustains and enhances existing programs and services, and supports collaborative efforts in order to achieve community impact goals that were created by our community. Click here to see the 35 PROGRAMS we are currently funding at 20 NONPROFITS in Beaufort and Jasper counties.

Through our funding, we work to ensure people get the support services they need right now, while simultaneously addressing the root causes of key issues – that’s how we create true community impact.  We know that by improving education for all children, we’re setting them on the path to high school graduation and college success. We know that those children will go on to hold skilled jobs and be financially equipped to support their families.  We know that good health is directly linked to a successful life.

Most importantly, we realize that when we make sure a family’s basic needs are met, and when we improve education, income and health at a community level, we all benefit.

Your Voice and Unique Perspective Can Help Us Make a Greater Impact!

UWLC’s Impact Process is one of the things that make us unique!  We ask VOLUNTEERS from the community, who donate to United Way, to tell us how they would like their money invested in the community!  We ask them to visit, report, deliberate, and evaluate agencies and programs that serve the residents of Beaufort & Jasper counties.  The Community Impact Committee and panel members work hand in hand with the staff of the United Way and agencies, making equitable and responsible investment decisions.

Click here to learn more about how YOU can become involved!

Our Greatest Strength is Our Partnerships: Hear from Several of Our Partner Agencies

Sandy Gillis
The Deep Well Project 

Dr. Ponchitta Young
Agape Family Life Center 

Mike Bostwick

Jody Levitt
The Children’s Center