UWLC Partners with SC Housing to Provide Housing Stability Services

UWLC Partners with SC Housing to Provide Housing Stability Services

As the Lowcountry’s economy continues its recovery from the devastating impact of the pandemic, many Beaufort and Jasper county residents continue to face deep rental debt and fear evictions and the loss of basic housing security.

As part of a partnership between SC Housing and the United Way Association of South Carolina, United Way of the Lowcountry (UWLC) was able to disperse $1.25 million in Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Funds to qualified area partners to help assist with housing stability.

UWLC is working with 23 nonprofits and local agencies in Beaufort and Jasper counties to provide a number of housing stability services to renters including case management, housing navigation, landlord tenant mediation and eviction related legal services.

“Unfortunately, COVID-19 exacerbated an affordable housing crisis in our community that predated the pandemic,” said Dale Douthat, UWLC President and CEO. “These ERA Funds will be a tremendous asset for organizations that are assisting renters in need of help applying for SC Stay Plus and other local, state and federal assistance.”

Since the funds were dispersed in July, a total of 492 Beaufort and Jasper county households received 848 housing services made available through the ERA Fund.

The $1.25 million allocated for Beaufort and Jasper counties is part of an overall $11 million being distributed by United Ways throughout South Carolina. UWLC is one of only two United Ways in the state to receive more than $1 million dollars to disperse within their community.

“Local United Ways and their partners serve as trusted community voices in supporting local families navigate a complicated housing market,” said Naomi Lett, President and CEO of the United Way Association of SC. “We are proud to partner with SC Housing to deploy these resources into our local communities.”

To find out more about SC Stay Plus and other ways to find rental assistance, visit https://www.schousing.com/home/sc-stay-plus or call 1-800-476-0412.

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